We are interested in attracting advertising and service sponsors for organizing an entertainment event.

The name of this event is LTM FESTIVAL or LIVE THE MOMENT FESTIVAL.

This event was held in Istanbul in the years 2021 and 2022 by ARIYA PRODUCTION company and received considerable feedback. We are currently busy planning to keep this festival in September 2023 and would greatly appreciate financial supporters joining us.

Organizing this event provides a great opportunity to establish direct communication between the youth and service providers or company owners.

In recent years, a population of over 2500 people has participated in this festival. However, due to extensive television advertising of the event and advertising campaigns on social media platforms, as well as collaborations with popular Iranian and Turkish influencers, the community has been greatly influenced by the advertisements for this festival. This impact has been significant to the extent that reputable news networks and websites have reacted to the organization of this event.

Since the organizers of this event have a significant advertising reach among the Persian-speaking community, collaborating as a sponsor can be highly suitable for companies wishing to introduce their products or services to Persian speakers. Please consider that a large number of Iranians reside in Istanbul or travel to Istanbul as tourists during this time.

Moreover, considering the event’s location in Istanbul and the presence of Turkish artists, a significant number of local people (Istanbul residents) will participate in this event.

Our advertising and service supporters can directly share their experience of using our products and services with the attendees at the festival, or they can establish future contact with them. Furthermore, they can utilize the attention garnered by this event for expanding their markets by showcasing their brand and advertisements in the festival venue during the advertising period.

The details of opportunities and sponsorship plans are explained below, where interested parties can learn more and take action if they wish to engage in this endeavor.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you.



The”LIVE THE MOMENT FESTIVAL” is the first international event catering to the Persian community, presenting an excellent opportunity for brands and services based in Turkey or other countries with business relationships in the Persian community to showcase their offerings.

We have devised a variety of sponsorship and advertising opportunities, including environmental advertising, product sampling, social media branding, and content creation. These options cater to both small and large businesses, enabling them to connect effectively with their target audience directly.

Please note that only one brand in each business category will be eligible for sponsorship. This means that if a real estate firm has already secured the sponsorship deal with us, we will not accept any secondary real estate firms for sponsorship.


    1. We are pleased to offer sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming Color Festival. As a sponsor, you will be given the chance to showcase your brand to our attendees in a variety of ways.

    2. Firstly, our presenters and MC/DJs will acknowledge your brand as the official sponsor of the festival throughout the program.

    3. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to bring your advertising tools into the festival area and distribute merchandise and gifts to attendees. Your logo will also be prominently displayed on all tickets and emails (both in PDF and printed format), as well as on lampposts throughout the festival area.

    4. During the festival, your logo will be broadcasted multiple times on the stage LED and added to all artworks. Your brand will also be featured on all digital platforms associated with the festival.

    5. Finally, your logo will be placed on the official festival after-movie, which will be posted on YouTube, Instagram, and all other social media accounts indefinitely.

    6. It is important to note that this sponsorship deal will be limited to one brand in each business category.
      We are also open to negotiating additional items to this list or modifying it to better suit your brand’s needs.

      We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you further and finding a partnership that benefits both of our organizations.

This sponsorship package offers a highly attractive opportunity for brands to reach a large audience through the Color Festival. With a range of advertising options available, including logo placement on tickets, emails, and lampposts, as well as multiple broadcasts on the stage LED and all digital platforms, this sponsorship deal is sure to generate significant exposure for your brand.

Moreover, by offering exclusive sponsorship deals in each business category, brands will have the opportunity to stand out and be recognized as the sole sponsor in their respective fields.

This ensures that your brand will not be overshadowed by other similar sponsors. Overall, this sponsorship package is highly appealing and offers significant potential for brands to increase their reach and visibility. We encourage interested brands to contact us to discuss additional sponsorship opportunities or any modifications they may require to better suit their branding needs.



This plan is suitable for small businesses that they have business relations with other countries or providing services to local businesses or citizens such as Instagram Pages , Online Shops , Social services , Consulting Services or lawyers, car rentals, Restaurants and etc. 


We offer a comprehensive sponsorship package for the upcoming Color Festival, which includes the following benefits:

  • Your logo will be printed on tickets and emails in both PDF and printed formats, increasing your brand visibility among festival attendees.

  • Your logo will be prominently displayed on stage LEDs several times throughout the event, ensuring that your brand is seen by a large audience.

  • Your logo will be printed on four flags that will be strategically placed in the festival area, further promoting your brand.

  • You will have the opportunity to set up an advertising stand in the agreed work field, giving you direct access to festival-goers and potential customers.

  • As a sponsor, you will have a VIP table in front of the stage and receive special hospitality, making your festival experience even more enjoyable.

This sponsorship deal is available to multiple brands in each business category, providing a unique opportunity to stand out in a crowded market. Don’t miss out on this chance to promote your brand and connect with a large, diverse audience!